Selecting The Right Keyword Phrases To Target

Maximize your website rankings and ensure that you’re receiving the highest possible return by selecting the right keywords and keyword phrases to target.

Finding the right keywords can be a difficult and tedious process, but by taking advantage of the tools that are currently available you can save time and money. By far the most popular and effective method to find the perfect keywords for your marketing campaign is to use a tool by the name of SEMRush. The way it works is like this:

  1. You enter your prospective keywords.
  2. SEMRush searches its massive database as well as Google’s API and gives you other keywords related to your main keyword.
  3. Then it gives you an monthly average of how often these keywords are searched for (search volume).
  4. It also shows the competition score according to Google Adwords.
  5. Thereafter it shows you the websites that are competing for this keyword.

From this you can gather how to structure your keyword targeting. SEMRush will give you fresh ideas if you’re frustrated with coming up with possible terms to target for your particular industry.

Another large part of deciding on keywords for internet marketing campaigns is keyword competition and saturation. If you choose keywords that have a too high a rate of competition it will be nearly impossible to obtain high search engine rankings. If you, however, choose keywords that are not popular enough you will easily get high rankings, but little traffic from them.

You need to find keywords with low competition and high popularity rates, so that you can optimize your efforts and ultimately the traffic gained from them. SEMRush allows you to find those keywords that are low in competition and high in popularity so you can attack them as part of your search engine ranking strategy.

Check out the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool for a general idea of what do go after, but use SEMRush as mentioned above for a more thorough analysis.


Getting Listed With The Major Search Engines

Common Client Question: How do I get my site listed in the major search engines and increase my website ranking?

Remember that internet marketing and promotion is much more than simply getting ranked well in the search engines. Your overall marketing campaign MUST contain creative ideas to drive traffic to your site through a variety of different sources, not just the search engines.

With that being said, getting listed and ranked well in the major search engines does not have to be difficult. By using our proven, solid strategies for maximum website visibility your business will leverage the power of the web for the best possible results and return on investment.

There are more than a few ways to get listed with the search engines, but for all practical purposes their are basically only two. The first is to use the search engine’s “add url” page. While this may seem simple and easy, the problem is that with millions and millions of websites waiting to be indexed, it may take a long time for the search engines to process your request and/or visit your site. Another problem is that search engines prefer to find your website during their constant “crawling” of the web, which takes us to the second way to get listed.

The second way to get listed: get other sites already listed in the search engines that rank well for the keyword phrases you’d like to rank for to link to you. This is by far the most cost effective and simplest way to get indexed by the major search engines. Proper SEO and link building can improve your website’s search engine rankings fairly quickly while also ensuring that your website is visited on a regular basis to maintain your listings with them.

SEO: Definition – Used in proper context, this term could either mean “search engine optimization” – the process of optimizing a website for one or many search engines; or it could mean “search engine optimizer” – a person/company that optimizes websites for one or many search engines.

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