5 Simple Tips To Improve Search Engine Rankings

funnelGet better website rankings! Make sure your site isn’t sitting at the bottom of search engine result pages with these simple tips to improve your rankings.


1. Research the keywords that relate to your area of business

Do your homework! Find the search terms and keyword phrases that are actually being used. 90% of all websites either don’t target the right keywords or don’t target keywords at all. The site owner is then left to wonder why the website isn’t receiving any substantial traffic. A great place to start is right here at the keyword level, because as the saying goes, “Target the wrong keywords and all of your efforts will be in vain”.


2. Select the appropriate keywords for maximum website placement

Once you find which terms are actually being searched for, next you need to figure out which terms to hone in on and which to let go of. This is a critical stage, because if you make a mistake here you will surely wind up with endless problems in the long run. A good tip is to take your time and after a thorough consultation with all members of your team, try to come to some consensus. It should be noted, however, that the short-list that you make your selection from has its base in the research that you have done in (1) above. Focus on low competition, high search volume keyword phrases.


3. Effective design and intelligent navigational structure

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and not contain too many unnecessary pictures, videos, or anything that will slow down your site’s load time. If you’re a regular Alexa.com visitor you’ll see that one of the criterion they use to determine your website’s rank is to check how quickly visitors get the information they want, and as we all know page load speed is one of the over 200 signals that Google pays attention to. An excellent tip is to try to include the most amount of information in the least amount of web space.


4. Optimize your website for your visitors first, the search engines second

Pretty much exactly as it sounds. Too many webmasters get caught up in the game of SEO, without understanding that without conversion SEO is useless. While getting the customer to your site is half the battle, an equally if not more important battle is turning that visitor into a customer. Don’t sacrifice conversions to focus solely on SEO when developing your website.


5. Learn the art of Copywriting, then write, write, and write some more

Content optimization or copywriting is not as easy as it seems. Take the time to master this technique or find a company with proven results. Create content that informs and sells readers, without any consideration for the search engines at all.

As a matter of fact, pretend that they don’t even exist when creating content for your site. If done properly, your visitors are much more likely to purchase from you after reading your content since they know you’re an authority on the subject. This is not to say that you don’t want to include important keyword phrases and use proper structure, it just means that when you write content for search engines and not users you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Remember that your website’s ranking is not everything. It may be a major portion of your overall website marketing strategy, but it should by no means account for your entire promotional efforts. Ensure that you’re utilizing a careful mix of web marketing strategies including search engine optimization, paid search marketing, local search marketing (if applicable), content marketing, and social media marketing.

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