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We understand what it takes to get a website’s ranking up and increase profits made through keyword usage, link building, and a host of other facets; however, have you ever wondered how we—and other companies like us—can track such arbitrary statistics such as traffic, click through rate, and target audiences? After all, none of this shows up anywhere on your website, or in your hosting service, so how is it even possible? Fortunately, there are many tools out there that allow us to track almost any statistic we wish from your website, giving us an insight into what we need to do to make your website successful; this is where website analytics comes into play.

What is “Website Analytics”?

Website analytics, like we mentioned, is using tools from the web—such as Google Analytics—to track statistics, usage rates, and more in order to improve your website from an SEO perspective. With website analytics, we can track the progress of your website in terms of many SEO facets, answering questions like “who is going to your website”, “where are they coming from”, and “what pages are they visiting”. We’re even able to tell how people are getting to your website and what keywords they are searching, so we can know where we need to focus our efforts. Overall, website analytics are a search engine optimizer’s best friend, as these tools are the only way we can see if what we are doing is actually working. With that in mind, it’s not completely inaccurate to say that SEO wouldn’t exist without these tools; website analytics is important, and we here at SiteLadder know how to utilize it better than anyone else.

How we Use Analytics

In the grand scheme of things, we use analytics in two major ways; to track our marketing efforts, and to aid in website design for better conversions. The processes for this dichotomy are as follows:

  • Analytics for Marketing: Using analytics can garner a host of statistics that are integral in the implementation of search engine optimization. From traffic, to usage rates, to keyword utilization, we can learn precisely what people are searching, how they are searching, and where they are going on your site. Not only does this help us learn if our efforts are working—a spike in traffic, or a slow but steady increase, may indicate that our treatments are effective—but it also gives us an idea what our next course of action may be. Did Google release an update that’s affecting our traffic? Then it’s time to address those issues. Are the traffic rates for a certain keyword going through the roof? Then we better start focusing on another keyword grouping.

Analytics also gives us an idea of what we need to focus on in the future, showing us your potential audience, online buzz, and potential visibility for a certain keyword. With these, we can determine whether we should chase certain keywords, pursue link building efforts, or switch strategies as we go. All of this and more is all well-represented by analytics tools, making them a marketer’s best friend.

  • Analytics for Web Design/CRO: Because analytics shows how people are visiting, where they are going, where/when they are leaving, and what they are doing on your site, we can also use analytics as a tool to determine whether or not we need to improve the design of your site. Factors like being above or below the fold, having non-visible buttons, having confusing interfaces, or just having a slow website can all deter visitors from using your site to its full potential, lowering your potential profit and making it hard to increase traffic as time goes on. Analytics can help us determine if this is happening so we can fix it before it really becomes a problem


We Are Analytics Experts

Overall, analytics tools are extremely powerful in the world of SEO and website design; however, if you don’t know how to use them, they are as good as useless. And, because analytics tools can be extremely opaque—and quite confusing—at times, chances are you have no idea how to use them, while many others won’t know how to use them to their full extent. This is where we can help you out.

As marketing experts and experienced users of Google Analytics and Google Search Console—among other analytics tools—we can not only improve your marketing and site design, but also give you all the pertinent information about your site usage statistics while keeping track of them for marketing purposes. All of our marketing experts have in depth experience with these tools over years and years of SEO work, putting us in the best position to positively affect your site. Truly, we can gather and use the statistics from analytics to improve your site like no one else in the industry.

We have the experts, the expertise, and the skill to improve your site’s rankings and, in turn, revenue. Contact us for more information about our services, or to learn more about Google and website analytics.

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