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Did you know that, as of this year, nearly 72% of adults use or have used social networking sites? As the years go by, and more and more social networking sites become available, social media isn’t just becoming one of the web’s most ubiquitous facets; it has become one. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Vine, and more have turned the internet into a interconnected collective, where no one is more than a Tweet away; and, if you are thinking about how that can be used for business purposes, you aren’t the first. Hoping to take advantage of this combined internet mind, businesses everywhere have signed up for social network for more immediate contact with their consumer base, but few are able to take true advantage of the social media aspect of their business, using it only for annoying spam or otherwise off putting strategies. We here at SiteLadder can help change that.
Using only the most ethical and proven techniques for social media marketing, we can help you improve your rankings using social media and get you started on a social media campaign that can actually work! Our social media and SEO experts can help you through the metaphorical hoops that many networking sites make you hop through, while ensuring your website and social media are working in perfect harmony. Trust us; we know what we’re doing.

The Advantages of Social Media

There are many advantages to having a social network, and we try to capitalize on all of them during our social media endeavors. Here are a few of the things you could expect when utilizing our social media campaign services:

  • Better Engagement with your Consumers: Since we will be managing and maintaining your social media, we will be giving you a great tool for 1:1 feedback from your customers. From giveaways to simple status updates, company news, and other types of engagement, we’ll be able to build your company’s personality, and hopefully its resonance with the consumers you serve. This is perhaps the hardest part of social media, as many businesses end up creating a campaign that comes across more “spammy” than anything else, which can wind up alienating people rather than drawing them in. We are aware of these dangers, and do our best to avoid any tactics that may cause this response. We are creative and smart with the content we put out over your social network, and we are very good at drawing new users and engagement over those services. Truly, with SiteLadder, you can expect a social networking and media campaign that improves your relationship with your customers; nothing more, and nothing less.
  • More Traffic: One of the true advantages that comes from a social media campaign is the traffic you gain. This upward traffic trend results from more shares, a higher number of followers, and all the other inherent factors that come from a well-maintained social media page. Backlinks are also a major component that can increase your traffic from an SEO perspective, making social media an incredibly powerful tool—from many perspectives—for increasing your traffic and user-base. Just think of it this way; if a friend of a friend of a friend sees your profile on Facebook or Twitter account, they may end up visiting your site through there. Same thing can happen if that friend shares an article that you wrote, or simply writes a good review on Yelp or something similar to that. Of course, this can happen more often than you might think, but it will only happen with your account in the right hands. SiteLadder can be precisely that.
  • SEO and Social Media: Oh, and did we mention that more followers can equal better ranking? It’s true! As you increase the number of followers, the number of potential links you receive from those followers can increase as well, which is a major factor in Google’s ranking system. Though we create our Social Media campaigns mainly to increase engagement with your consumers, this can still increase your SEO ranking, while also widening your user-base substantially through one of the most powerful tools the internet offers. SEO and social media are very much linked, when it comes down to it; but, you can’t fulfill your website’s potential with just onsite Search Engine Optimization. To really increase your followers, traffic, and ranking, you need a social media campaign that is geared towards all of the above.


Our Social Media Services

By properly setting up your social media campaign, we can give you the best chance at succeeding that you’ll find anywhere. After all, we offer the best social media and search engine optimization experts online so you know you’re in the right hands. Everyone here at SiteLadder has been in the industry for years, garnering experience and expertise as time has gone on. And, with multiple shared successes, a positive record in the industry and some of the smartest SEO minds around, it’s easy to see why SiteLadder is the company for you.
In the end, we will treat your website and social media campaign with the care it needs to blossom so you can gain the traffic and profits that you desire. After all, what would be the point if we didn’t? If you need more information concerning our social media services, contact us so we can fill you in.

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