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Are you a small business owner struggling to get noticed online? Do you want to improve your brand’s visibility in Google search results and drive more traffic to your website? Look no further! Our low-cost, local SEO plan is the perfect solution for you.

No Contracts – No Start Up Fees – No Small Print

ONLY $200 a month

What you get each month…

  • Ranking Report – This comprehensive ranking report will show you exactly how many keywords you have in Google’s index, along with their ranking position – 1 through 100. Note: Positions 1 through 10, are generally “Page 1” of Google. Positions 11-20 “Page 2”, and so on.
    • It will show you the average search volume for that term on a monthly basis (per Google).
    • And will show you your exact URL (page on your site) that is ranking for that keyword phrase.
    • AND, it will show you the average CPC (Cost per Click) amount that keyword phrase costs in Google Adwords. Note: Below is a sample ranking report with sample “Keywords” and URL’s.

Ranking Report with Key

  • Blog Post – We’ll write a unique (not copied from other sources) blog post relating to your business, products, or services. Google wants websites to become resources for their visitors. And by creating a consistent, relevant blog, you can start building your authority in Google’s eyes, which results in more frequent crawls of Googlebot on your site, AND a growth of keywords ranking for your site. As Google has stated many times before…


content is king


But not just ANY content. It needs to be optimized according to current best practices, and written in a way that Google will “understand” its intent, and therefore increase your site’s authority in Google’s eyes. This is where our expertise shines!

This affordable pricing option makes it easy for small businesses to get started at a fraction of the price of a full (often NOT affordable) SEO campaign. But the important thing is that it is cumulative, and the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll build up your site, and increase your brand presence and rankings in Google.

local search for tacosWhether you own a restaurant looking to increase walk-in customers or want people in your area to know about your plumbing services, local search engine optimization is no longer an option. It has become a necessity for small businesses. Your competitors have already started doing it to some degree.

This is a perfect starting point for those who are just getting going or for those who have been in business for a while, but have not optimized their local search opportunities. We provide a quick start with no long term contracts. We offer the expertise needed to set up your campaign to increase your local visibility and start reaching local customers!


There ARE some prerequisites to take part in this plan:

1st – You have to have an existing and working website.

2nd – The site has to have, or be able to add, a blog section to it. (Note: If you need a blog section added to your site, we can likely do that for a nominal fee.)

3rd – There should be the basic ON-PAGE SEO optimization, already performed on the site.

This plan is only going to be helpful to websites that already have a presence online and are now looking for some affordable growth. Note: If you have the first two prerequisites, but not the basic on-page SEO, we can help you with that as well, and provide a discounted rate if you sign up for this local service.

Why the Prerequisites?

Quite simply, I want to HELP people. Not just get money from them. In this case, I would liken it to selling you a Level 200 course, when you haven’t taken the prerequisite 100 course. Again, we want to help those starting out as well, but this is not the plan for that. Again, check out the link above about taking your first steps, if you’re not meeting the prerequisites.

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