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One of the most important things you can and should do as a small business, is make sure the locals in your area are easily able to find you. Why? I’m glad you asked…

  • Local search is (as one might expect) prominent on mobile devices.
  • More people are now using mobile devices to access the internet instead of their desktop computers (55% Mobile – 42% Desktop – 3% Tablet).
  • 88% of local searches on mobile devices either call or visit the business within 24 hours.
  • 78% of local searches on mobile devices result in an offline purchase.
  • Searches with “near me” or “close by” have increased by over 900% in the last two years which indicates a strong inclination of mobile device users wanting to find a local business near them.

local search for tacosIn the world of small business, local customers often count more than anything else and the above statistics seems to underline that point. Whether you own a restaurant looking to increase walk-in customers or want people in your area to know about your plumbing services, local search engine optimization is no longer an option. It has become a necessity for small businesses.

And, because local search results show up above all other organic results, local SEO can be an extremely powerful tool to help bring in new business. But like everything else, it needs to be done correctly.

These affordable services are a perfect starting point for those who are just getting going or for those who have been in business for a while, but have not optimized their local search opportunities. We provide a quick start with no long term contracts. We offer the expertise needed to set up your campaign to increase your local visibility and start reaching local customers!


What Are Local Citations? (Platinum Plan)

Local citations are generally defined as any mention or reference to your business’s NAP (Name – Address – Phone #). One constant with Google is that it wants to provide a great user experience for everyone that utilizes their search engine. The reason for this is simple…the better the experience people have when using their search engine, the more more people will use it. And when more people use it, more people click on Google Adwords, which is how Google makes their money. So it is in Google’s best interest to provide great search results and current, viable, local results.

So…local citations are a good way for Google to verify that a business actually exists. For instance, if your business’s NAP starts getting crawled by Googlebot across a variety of directories and social media platforms, it can be a strong indicator of legitimacy and trustworthiness. Having said that, it is important to note that not all citations are created equally or provide the same level of a “trust” vote. It is helpful to have some experienced guidance when going through this process. That’s exactly what we can provide.

Local Search Starter

  • Local Listing SubmissionClaim - Optimize - Verify
  • Merge/Delete DuplicatesResolve Ranking Issues
  • Monthly ReportingMonitor Improvements

Local Search Platinum

  • Same As Features As StarterPLUS...
  • Claim Yelp & Foursquare ListingAs Needed
  • 20+ Local CitationsImportant Ranking Factor

Why Expert Help Is Needed

Targeting local search is easier said than done; and, with Google’s restrictions on who shows up in local search results, it can be exceedingly difficult to crack the top local results, or even get included within them. In fact, for the most part, unless you have a Google My Business account with a verified address, it’s nearly impossible to get your website listed. Truly, it takes an experienced SEO—as well as a strong, strategic plan—to influence local search, and that is precisely what SiteLadder offers. By targeting the correct local keyword searches, setting your site up so Google includes it within local search parameters, and otherwise tweaking the content, tags, and other important facets of your site, we give your site the best chance for showing up—and dominating—the local search results. It’s a long process, and one that isn’t for the faint of heart, or the inexperienced for that matter; but, it’s a process that we understand more than most . We can help you immensely by implementing it. We offer SEO experience that is both completely up to date and more effective than you’ll find elsewhere, all while giving you the local search results that you need.


Why Choose SiteLadder for Local Search?

In the end, it all comes down to dedication, knowledge, and experience. We’re proud to say we have all three and have used those attributes to develop this service as a way to help smaller businesses get started down this road. As you can tell, local search is a lot more important than some may lead you to believe. But, unlike what you may have been told, you don’t need to break the bank in order to get started.

Call today for more information, or check out the rest of our site to see the other great services we provide.

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