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In the world of Search Engine Optimization and Web marketing, few things are more important than having competent content on your site. Whether it’s a little blurb describing your products, or an entire blog maintained and added to ad infinitum, content can make or break a site’s rankings; “content is King”, as they say, and it will get your site noticed in all of the major search engines, if it is done correctly. Fortunately we have a skillful group of writers who have years of experience in writing SEO geared web copy, all to help your site fly up the rankings. With a proven track record in the books, we utilize content marketing to its full potential, and your site will reap the benefits. But, before you buy a service, you may want to understand it; so, here is a little guide about what we do with the content marketing segment of our marketing endeavors.

Step #1: Write Good Content

The problem with many content marketers out there is their desire to write copy that is complete and total marketing drivel. When you read it, you feel like you’re being sold something that you don’t want, and it always comes out clunky and mismanaged. The approach we take is, of course, very different. We write content that thoroughly and competently describes your site and products as it should, giving your customers the insight they need into your service so they know what they are purchasing. All in all, we create quality content that people actually might want to read, which means people stay around longer and, hopefully, wind up purchasing what you are selling. Even on a site you expect it on, no one wants to feel like they’re being sold to, and no one will stay for longer than a few moments if that winds up being the case; we do our best to do the exact opposite of that. Remember; good content is reflective of a good website, so let us give you the quality that you need.

Step #2: Getting the Rankings

Of course, website and content marketing would be easy if it were just up to the quality aspect of your writing; all you would need is a word wizard, and you would be on your way to making the big bucks. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In addition to having clean, quality content on your site, you need something that only an SEO company can provide, and that is the right keyword density. By targeting words that people are most likely to search for in your vertical, we can help make sure Google knows that your site is a reliable source for said vertical, which will then allow your site to “rank” for the keyword that people are searching for. The choosing of these keywords—as well as their application—can be an extremely tricky process, and a time consuming one at that. With some of the best web copy implementers around, we can find the perfect keyword combination that will bring the traffic to your site, and get your website as high up in the rankings as possible.

Step #3: Targeting the Right Audience

Rankings are all well and good in the SEO world—and your site wouldn’t succeed without it—but, even if you rank numbers 1-5 for a specific keyword, you still might not see the sales increase that you expected. Sometimes, with an inexperienced content marketing campaign, you might notice that your site’s “bounce rate”, or number of people that visit your site and leave without acting on your site, has gone through the roof; this is oftentimes the result of poorly targeted keyword choices. Regardless of your site’s rankings, if you aren’t targeting the right audience, you won’t make the sales and you won’t make profit. It’s as easy, and disappointing, as that. We do not simply choose keywords based on how many are searching them or how aesthetically pleasing they sound. We also take into account who would be searching those keywords, and whether or not those people will be the type to buy your product. By choosing the right keyword—searched by the right people, as well as the right number of people—we can help increase your search ranking, while increasing your profits as well; something that many SEO companies just don’t have the ability to do.

Choose SiteLadder for your Content Marketing Strategy

In the end, content marketing is a very tricky beast that even the most experienced try and fail on—and it’s by no means a guaranteed process. But, as an up and coming company with only the most experienced web content managers and writers on staff, we have the prior success—and the right strategy—to make sure your site has the best chance to succeed. Content marketing may not be an exact science, and it may take a while for your site to truly reap the benefits, but reap it will with Site Ladder. Contact us today for more information concerning our content marketing plan, or visit the rest of our site to see the services we provide.

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