Yahoo Adds New Search Shortcuts

Just read a post over at Yahoo’s Search Blog indicating that Yahoo has added a few new search shortcuts to the site. Their list of shortcuts is now up to 30, which is great, but as usual this news follows on the heels of their competitors.

Ask Jeeves has offered movie information for about a year and a half while Google has included this service for quite some time now as well. Maybe Yahoo will come up with something newsworthy soon besides stories of websites that hold the number one position for relevant terms yet receive little to no visitors? I can definitely relate to this. I currently hold many number one spots with Yahoo which only result in a small trickle of traffic to my sites.

I never got to post about it here because it happened back in August, but for those of you that aren’t aware Yahoo respectfully requests that when checking backlinks or pages indexed in their engine use their Site Explorer tool. There has been talk recently that link: and other requests will be forwarded to Site Explorer automatically in the future, but I’m sure they’d appreciate it if we all began using the tool sooner rather than later.


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