What Part Of SEO Don’t You Understand?

Somehow I stumbled across this page of SEO acronyms, and I thought I’d share since some of them were pretty interesting. I had no idea there were so many SEOs out there…

Acronym Definition
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEO – Sauf Erreur Ou Omission (French: error or omission excepted)
SEO – Science and Education Outreach
SEO – Search Engine Optimizer
SEO – Seasoned Equity Offering
SEO – Security Engineering Officer
SEO – Senior Executive Officer
SEO – Shutdown Electrical Operator (US Navy submarine watchstation)
SEO РSociedad Espa̱ola de Ornitologia (Spain)
SEO – Society of Education Officers (UK)
SEO – Software Engineering Organization
SEO – Software Executive Official
SEO – Source Election Official
SEO – SouthEastern Ohio
SEO – Special Equipment Operator
SEO – Special Equipment Option
SEO – Special Exemption Order (UK)
SEO – Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
SEO – State Engineers Office
SEO – Survivability Enhancement Options
SEO – Synchronous Equatorial Orbiter
SEO – Systems Engineering Office/Officer
SEO – Systems Evaluation Office


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