Use ClickToTweet To Increase Conversions from Email, Press Release, Social, and Content Marketing


Without a doubt, running a successful social media campaign can be one of the most difficult things to do from an internet marketing standpoint. Not only is it extremely hard to use the right mix of marketing tactics and likeable communication efforts to draw the customers you want, it can be even harder to reap the rewards received from spreading your message and your product across the social media sphere, particularly for a small company with limited resources. Fortunately, there are automated tools out there that can be used to lighten the load.

One such load alleviating tool (and a favorite of ours here at SiteLadder) is Click to Tweet, a powerful Twitter automation tool that allows you to control exactly what your followers are tweeting about your company or products. If you’re already pretty involved in Twitter and using it to promote your company, chances are you’ve probably heard of or made use of Click to Tweet; but, if you haven’t, you absolutely must understand how exceptionally useful this simple little tool can be. With it, you can improve conversion rates in emails, blogs, press releases, and your social media endeavors, improve your overall outreach and connection to followers both current and future, and—perhaps—even influence your SEO scores on the major search engines. In other words, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

So, because we absolutely love this tool, and because we haven’t done nearly enough gushing about how amazing it is, today’s blog post is going to go into more detail about how to use CTT to do all these wonderful things. Without further ado, here are just a few ways you can use CTT to turn your social media campaign into a well-oiled conversion producing machine!

Improving Blog Conversion

Blog owners and publishers understand better than anyone else how incredibly difficult it can be to get people to read. After all, nowadays there aren’t a lot of people on the internet willing to go out of their way to find new blogs, read new information, and spend more than 2 seconds of their time scanning to see whether or not your blog post is worthy of a read. Click to Tweet can help remedy that situation.

You see, by deciding the precise text that is included with the Tweet that shares your article, Click to Tweet makes it easier for your current readers to share your article with pertinent, snappy information about your blog that the short attention spans of the Twittersphere can appreciate. This not only makes it easier for your followers to do your marketing for you, it also improves the likelihood that they will share and the percentage of people within their followers that will click on that link. All you have to do is make sure that your Click to Tweet quote is sharing the information that you want to be shared, and that it takes on the form of an informational message rather than a simple “read this” (which nearly guarantees people won’t read it). If you do this right, you will get more shares, more readers, and—if you’re lucky—more overall conversions, a result of the targeted quotes you include within your Click to Tweet links.

Increasing your Social Media Presence

As we’ve already mentioned, social media is of major importance within the SEO world; but, even from a marketing standpoint, having an active and well-shared social media account on Twitter, Facebook, and others can benefit your site in more ways than one.

The thing that ClickToTweet is really good at is making your blog easier to share; after all, many visitors are lazy. Fewer and fewer people want to take the time to copy the URL, paste it into a status update or tweet, and think up something to say about it so it gets some clicks. ClickToTweet, of course, streamlines the process, making it easier than ever before for people to share your content. And, if you make it easier for your followers to share your blog posts, chances are they are going to. This increases the amount of links that are out there in the social sphere, making your site’s social exposure more potent than ever before, hopefully improving clicks, site visits, and sales. Best of all, as alluded to with the content sharing aspect of ClickToTweet, you’ll also have a modicum of control over who is targeted within the tweet, improving the chances that you’ll be reaching the followers you want to reach.

Overall, if you use ClickToTweet the right way, you could have a whole new audience gained simply through social media followers, in addition to a host of targeted links that you did basically nothing to spread all over the internet. In the eyes of the search engines, this is one of the best things you can possibly do, and in the eyes of your wallet (or site views/impressions) it’s even better.

ClickToTweet for Email Marketing

Now, what you may be realizing by now is that the chief export of ClickToTweet just happens to be easy sharing; no matter what you do, whether you are sharing your blog or just trying to improve your social media presence, ClickToTweet makes it easier for you to spread the good word. But, with email marketing, this aspect is as crucial as it can get.

In the past, the only way to get a message you wanted out to your fans/consumers (with email marketing anyway) was to email them, and hope that they forwarded that message to even more people. Unfortunately, people don’t like opening promotional email, and they like reading it even less; so, even if they did take the time to forward that email (which, let’s be honest, very few ever do), that message wasn’t being read outside of the first marketing blast. With ClickToTweet, however, this is no longer an issue. Just as you would include a ClickToTweet message in your blog or on your site, a good practice to improve the breadth of your email marketing campaign is to include one in the body of the emails you send out (in addition to a link to your social media account). This gives users an easy route for sharing said email, and ensures that even those outside of your email marketing list may see the message you send out. It’s easy, useful, and without a doubt imperative to every marketing campaign you create.

A Truly Powerful Marketing Tool

At the end of the day, Click to Tweet is one of the most useful tools you can find in terms of improving your social media, SEO, and blogging presence. The importance of being able to streamline and influence how users share your site cannot be understated, so don’t miss out! You need every advantage possible to ensure your marketing campaign outlasts that of your competitors, and using Click to Tweet correctly is quite the advantage.


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