Top 10 Reasons Why This Blog Sucks

This blog sucks when compared to most, but it’s not just one thing that makes it so bad. It’s a combination of many different basic blogging mistakes. So, maybe by pointing out what I know I’m doing wrong, I can help someone else avoid being a dumbass like me when it comes to blogging. Let’s keep the self-degradation going and start the list, shall we?

10. This Theme Isn’t So Great (OK, it’s really ugly) – As I mentioned in my last post and probably several others, this is a very old WordPress 1.5 theme that I basically customized by changing out the main image, a few colors, then called it a day. The old school “needle in a haystack” image is definitely out (think Keyword Ranking’s site back in ’03). Not visually appealing or even all that user-friendly, but at least I’m closer to uploading the new theme.

9. I Don’t Post Often Enough – No, seriously, once every month and a half or so like I do just isn’t enough. You’d think it would be, but apparently not. 🙂
I’m not saying you have to blog everyday or even every week, but make it some kind of regular schedule that readers can count on.

8. I Don’t Spend Enough Time On Each Post – I remember reading somewhere that if you’re spending less than 20 minutes on a post, it’s probably not a good one. This is completely true in my experience as well, as my quickie posts leave me wondering why I even bothered to post at all.

7. I’m Not Using Social Media Sites For Promotion – Pretty hard to get tagged or bookmarked when you don’t offer an easy way to do so. Who’s really going to take the time to add you to social media sites on their own? Nobody. Use plugins or add the code snippet(s) to your site that allow visitors to easily spread the word about your content via Social Networks.

6. I Haven’t Found My Unique Voice/Niche – You can’t be just another SEO/Internet Marketing blog, finding and sticking to a specific niche is key. I tend to focus on all aspects of internet marketing including SEO and PPC for my day job, but if you write about these topics it’s difficult to not end up getting lost in the crowd. Pick something that you particularly excel at that isn’t being covered extensively, then own that niche with your writing.

5. I’m Not Much Of A Writer – At least not the usual narcissistic BS that I read on a lot of blogs. I have a hard time bragging about my success and touting myself as a subject matter expert, because I don’t think anyone is truly an expert. SEO simply hasn’t been around long enough. Some may retain and apply knowledge better than others, but we’re all still learning every day. I don’t really crave or seek attention, so I’m just fine quietly making money behind the scenes.

4. I’m Too Lazy To Do The Research – Kind of like number 8, but if I’m not working towards a direct and instant reward for my efforts then I probably won’t do it. Writing papers and essays in school is different because you’re working towards a degree (reward). Writing content for revenue producing sites pays in cash (reward). Blogging long, well thought-out posts here results in…links? recognition? attention? Not compelling reasons for me, at least not right now with so much going on. I know that sounds selfish because I should be giving back, but it’s the truth. I hope to have time to blog for fun soon.

3. I Don’t Do Enough Networking – Commenting on other blogs and adding to the conversation is what it’s all about. I’ll admit I’m about 95% lurker and 5% contributor, so you won’t see me writing a whole lot on forums and blogs. I’ve really got to change this about myself though, because I do have a lot of first hand experience to share with others the same way others have helped me over the years. Again, trying to improve on this.

2. I Can’t Write Openly About Some Topics – I’ve been asked to remove a post and not write about some topics that are better left confidential. Pissing off your peers and possibly attracting attention to yourself from Google and Yahoo engineers isn’t worth the links and traffic you may receive from writing about hush-hush subjects.

And, finally, the number one reason that this blog sucks…

1. I Never Do “Top 10 List” Posts – You know, posts like “10 Ways To _____”, or “10 Best _____ Of All Time”. I know that list-style articles are very effective and I’ve read about plenty of bloggers having great success with them, plus they’re just easier to quickly scan (which we all do). Sadly, this is the first Top XX List I’ve ever done on this site.

So, if you would actually like people to visit/read/cite your blog, do as I say and not as I do.



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