Sneak Preview of New Google AdWords Editor

What is Google AdWords Editor you ask? Developed mainly for large accounts with multiple campaigns and long keyword lists, the official description is:

“AdWords Editor is Google’s free, downloadable account management application for your computer. Now you can download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns.”

The new tool (developed using openSSL to secure all interaction with the AdWords system), basically stores a copy of your entire account, making it easy to update settings or ads when working offline. Once an internet connection is available, you simply click the “Post Changes” button and your changes go live immediately.

Google AdWords Editor Screenshot #1

As someone that pauses AdWords during slower traffic periods such as evenings and weekends, the convenience of not having to login to the AdWords interface to do so is pretty nice. The tool also offers a few other advantages, such as:

Easily navigate one or more accounts

Google AdWords Editor Screenshot #2

Make bulk changes to one or more accounts

AdWords Editor Screenshot #4

Search your account, or a specific campaign or Ad Group

AdWords Editor Screenshot #5

Export a snapshot of your account as a delimited file

AdWords Editor Screenshot #6

The tool will be released to the masses after testing is completed, but it’s currently available for invited beta participants only. I don’t feel “lucky” for being selected as a tester, I instead attribute it to the substantial amount that I spend on AdWords every month.

The application has definitely saved me some time (although it takes FOREVER to open for some reason), and I’ve already submitted a new feature request. A much needed enhancement for me personally would be the ability to enter business hours and only have our account active during these times, when sales reps are actually available to take the calls generated. I submitted the feature as “Only Show Ads During Business Hours”, we’ll see if it makes the cut.


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