Online Marketing: It’s All About Great Content

Successful internet marketing is, was, and will always be about great content. Whether it’s a press release, a forum, your blog, or the hundreds of articles you offer for free on your site, it’s all just great content. Great content is what allows you to never have to “ask around” for links to your site or even pay ridiculous sums of money every month to get them. If you have great content on your site people will link to you naturally. And this is the only “sure” way to gain the exposure and search engine rankings that you need for your website. Period.

It’s always going to be and always has been about great content. If you’re rankings have slipped recently and you’re wondering why, it all relates back to great content in one way or another. An old saying in SEO is that you should set a goal to add at least one page of original content to your site per week. Although I definitely agree with this saying, I haven’t done a great job at sticking to it. Think about it: just set aside one hour per week to write about a subject that you know a lot about that is also related to what you do. Now add that article to your site and submit it to a few of the reputable content sites that will circulate your article while you retain the rights. That’s it.

I’m often amazed to read articles or forums from those claiming that content is the “new” way to go for solid, long-term search engine rankings. I’ve been involved in we content creation since 1998, and to be honest not a whole lot has changed. If you provide free resources that attract not only repeat visitors but natural links, traffic is the end result as it should be.

Great content is a powerful sales tool as well. Writing about subjects that haven’t already been covered in your industry lets your site visitors know that you’re an authority on the subject. When that same visitor is ready to buy, they will turn to you as you have earned their trust by showing you’re the most knowledgable. It’s all about original, compelling content. While their is no “silver bullet” when it comes to getting good rankings in the natural search engine results, great content is as close as it gets.

So remember this basic fact when developing or improving your site. There are many more great reasons for including great content on your site than listed here, and the only way to find out is to get started.


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