New Google AdWords Ad Scheduling Rocks

While testing the beta version of the below mentioned offline AdWords Editor, I submitted a feature request that I named “Only Show Ads During Business Hours”.

A big problem with AdWords up until this point is the fact that businesses which rely on offline conversions more than online conversions have had to manually pause ads on weekends, holidays, and other periods of inactivity (something I can tell you from experience is easy to forget to do, or worse yet impossible to do when the AdWords system is down for maintenance).

When you prefer that customers call your toll free number to order, you need the ability to enter business hours and only have your account active during these times, when sales reps are actually available to take the calls generated. You’re pretty much throwing your marketing dollars out of the window if you have customers calling/emailing when there’s no chance of converting them. They’ll simply move on to the next search result.

I’m stoked to find that the feature I submitted made the cut and is now available in both the online and offline AdWords Editor. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has requested this feature (and maybe they’ve had it scheduled as an enhancement for awhile), but I’m so glad that I no longer have to remember to pause AdWords on Friday nights and Monday mornings.


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