My Domain is Well-Aged…I Swear

I have actually owned this domain name since 2000, not March of 2005 as and all other domain information sources show. I purchased this domain five years ago as an easy way of showing some of the websites I had designed as well as post my resume for potential employers. And thanks to the Wayback Machine (when will it update, Jim?) I at least have proof that I’ve had a site here since 2001.

View page for Jason Hendricks

As you can see the javascript no longer works and most of the buttons don’t load, but you get the general idea. Just a simple portfolio site.

The story of the domain registration lapse is one I’ve never quite understood. I have had an account with GoDaddy Software for years (I used to work there) and I have always renewed under the same account. The domain has always had auto-renew enabled, but I can’t swear that domain lock was enabled. One day I go to change some things on the site, and it’s no longer live. I check my domain account and it’s gone. I never received a notice of expiration, but I guess the domain expired?

I attempted to just re-purchase it, but every registrar shows it already belongs to me (cached info that needed to update). So I give it a while to work its’ way out of the ownership limbo it was in. The next time I checked it, a different Jason Hendricks in Washington, DC owned the domain and had a site hosted. I contacted Jason and offered him some cash if he would agree to sell the domain name back to me, and luckily he did.

I’m sure there’s nothing I can do to somehow correct the whois info so that it shows the original registration date, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know.


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