How to Beat Google’s Sandbox

Jim Boykin is the owner of We Build Pages and a long-time marketing addict whom I respect a great deal. His latest post offers some common sense but very effective advice on how to circumvent Google’s Sandbox effect that new websites experience for a period between 6-18 months.

The “secret” is…buy well-established exisiting sites that already have great content and powerful inbound links. Check out Jim Boykin’s blog for more information.

He also just recently starting blogging but has already managed to fill the site with tons of interesting, creative, and hilarious posts about internet marketing. I highly recommend adding Jim to your favorite RSS reader.



  1. paul
    August 14th

    I have had some success buying aged domains. I found most of them on sites like dnforum and namepros. I just finished a site to compile listings from all of these sources. You can check out the site at:

  2. Jason Hendricks
    August 14th

    The truly great deals on aged sites are the ones that aren’t currently listed for sale anywhere. Of course, contacting hundreds of owners to *maybe* gain a handful of sites is no picnic.

    I’ll check out the multi-feed site you mentioned, thanks for stopping by.

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