How Blog Spammers Should Be Treated

Comment spam: it sucks. Anyone that owns a blog knows how annoying it is going through comment spam everyday. It’s more time consuming than email spam, since it takes a little longer to sift through (for me anyway, using WordPress).

What to do? Luckily blogging software makes it very easy to report spammers and include all the necessary details. The idiots I recently had issues with were attempting to pimp pharmacy links from my blog. So, in a matter of a few seconds, I copy + paste their info and immediately send an email to the free hosting company being whored out, in this case Ripway. Here’s my email:


One of your users keeps spamming my blog, which hopefully is in violation
of your TOS. Please bitchslap this clown by revoking their account.

Author : Lars Norberg (IP: ,


Whois :

Comment: purchase Phentermine pill

Less than an hour later, I received a confirmation email from a very helpful Ripway employee:

Absolutely, that account has been terminated. Let me know if you see any more of these.


Wasn’t that easy? Quick, painless, and I got exactly what I wanted. I did end up seeing more of these coming from several different accounts with Ripway, but all I had to do was email Scott and he promptly deleted each account.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and simply ignoring comment spam won’t help the situation. Do something about it. I have respect for those that choose the dark side and are successful at it, but don’t try to push your sh*t on my blog, comment spammers.



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