Google Analytics Having Issues

So….maybe I should have given it a little more time before my first post about how great Google’s new free web analytics service is.

I setup another seperate account a few days after my initial post, since I have some websites that I own with other investors and some that I own 100% of. It appears that Google has somehow confused the two accounts with each other.

When I login to the account where the tracking code has been installed on all of my pages it states it cannot detect the code is present. When I login to my newly setup account that has not had the code snippet installed yet, it states it has successfully detected the code and will return report data within 24 hours. Huh?

I also just came across a post at Barry Schwartz’ SERoundtable that has given me some insight into the cause of the problem: too many users and not enough resources to handle it. It looks like even Google couldn’t predict how popular the new service would be.

More Google Analytics information will be available once my setup issues have been resolved. Stay tuned…


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