First SEO PowWow in Troy, NY

Earlier this month Jim Boykin and the We Build Pages team announced that their first-ever Link Ninjas training classes (January 18-19th) would actually be their last.

Jim and his extremely talented team (which includes Todd Malicoat (stuntdubl), Justilien Gaspard, Sean Stahlman, and other future SEOs stars) do a great job at not only providing successful internet marketing solutions for their clients, but offering training that is second to none. They believe wholeheartedly in an “abundance mentality” when it comes to sharing useful SEO information based on the solid and proven theory of making your site a true resource within your industry.

Unfortunately the We Build Pages team is so busy with current clients and incoming leads that the new Link Ninjas training classes would interfere with their existing business. It seems they’re not willing to risk neglecting happy clients to take on a new venture, a decision that was probably difficult to make but very wise. A smart call on their part but hopefully Link Ninjas will come to fruition later down the road.

At the same time the announcement was made that Link Ninjas would be discontinued, Jim also threw out his idea for a first ever SEO PowWow in upstate Troy, New York, to follow the first day of Link Ninjas training. I attended this event and was very glad that I did. SEOBook’s Aaron Wall was on hand as were representatives from Skaffe, WowDirectory, SEOmoz, and others. The turnout was better than anticipated and we all enjoyed a few good drinks as well as even better conversations. I’d definitely like to see more events like this one in the future, getting together with other individuals in the industry for some fun and networking is always at the top my list.


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