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The guys at Best Of The Web just added a blog directory! If you haven’t heard of Best Of The Web, you should submit your site(s) ASAP because: 1) it’s a very old directory (been online since 1994) 2) it’s a very high quality directory, human-edited and truly focused on relevancy, and 3) the site owners regularly attend marketing events and are fun to party with as I’ve found out on a few occasions.

Since I currently submit sites to the directory, I received an email to notify me that the blog directory was now online. The most important details are:

We are proud to announce the launch of the BOTW Blog Directory, located at For webmasters and bloggers, submissions are currently Free of charge. Of course, for advertisers who need additional visibility, we offer the 60 Day Free advertising trial.

To submit your blog, please navigate to the most relevant category and click the “Add Blog” link located on the right side of the page. To ensure that your blog is quickly reviewed, please read the guidelines for inclusion. All blogs submitted to the BOTW Blog Directory must have a history of 6 (six) months or longer, contain unique and legal content, and be fully operational at all times.

When submitting a blog, make sure to include an RSS feed to be listed as well. This will enable visitors to quickly and easily subscribe to your blog, as well as provide our spiders with the information needed to search your posts (stay tuned).

I have the unique/legal content and fully operational website requirements covered, but unfortunately my blog has only been online for one month. 🙁

Oh well, maybe I’ll submit anyway and see if quality of content might trump age?



  1. greg hartnett
    November 30th

    hi jason:

    thanks for taking the time to post about the BOTW Blog Directory.

    as is the case with all BOTW products and services, we are completely focused on, and committed to, quality and relevancy. in keeping with this mantra, one fairly easy qualifier for us in the editorial review process is the length of time the blog has been around. dave sifry of technorati reported in August that blogs were being created at a rate of one every three seconds – and only 55% of those new blogs were still active 3 months later – it is typically a good indicator that blogs with posts of six months or longer are more committed to posting quality information. so for those bloggers who have blogs that are less than six months old, i’d say keep on posting, and remember to submit to BOTW when you hit the six month mark.

    >>the site owners regularly attend marketing events and are fun to party with as I’ve found out on a few occasions.

    ha! i can neither confirm nor deny any of these rumors 😉

  2. Jason Hendricks
    December 1st

    Thanks Greg, just giving you a hard time about the sixth-month minimum requirement. It is a great qualifier, I definitely appreciate your focus on quality, and I’ll continue blogging away in the hopes of being accepted in a few months.

  3. conybutt
    December 13th

    thanks for this, I will submit my blog soon.

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