A Few Quick Link Building Tips

I’ve been MIA for about a month now. It’s not that I haven’t had plenty to write about or don’t enjoy blogging, it’s just been a time management issue. Obviously this blog doesn’t generate any revenue for me, so it’s definitely at the bottom of the list when things are hectic.

A business associate of mine wanted some link building advice today and as I feverishly typed and sent my response, I realized that it would make a decent (but more importantly quick and easy) blog post.

Here’s his email to me:

Subject: PR of 7 – NICE!

How the hell do you do it!

I’m killing myself trying to figure out how to get past PR4 on my ____ website. Actually I don’t think PR4 is bad considering I started this in April.

I’m currently trying to:

  • link with +4 PR sites
  • written articles and posted them on article directories
  • entered comments on other website with href links
  • in BlogBurst (although they don’t give direct links back most times)
  • submitted to A LOT of blog directories

Can you give me a couple tips? I submitted a link request to Wikpedia last night for ____ so hoping that will work.



He’s referring to one of my personal sites that’s now showing a TBPR of 7 after the latest export. My response to him:

Subject: RE: PR of 7 – NICE!

Thanks man, it really is getting much harder these days. 🙂

I just briefly went over your site again and noticed a few changes that I would make if I were you:

  1. Too much advertising, try to get rid of some of the affiliate banners/links. Affiliate sites are NOT credible in the eyes of the search engines.
  2. You’re not using permalinks, which makes your URLs ugly and hard for search engines to follow. In your WordPress admin panel, you can turn this option on. This also makes it easier for people to link to your pages.
  3. I saw this page: (URL of link exchange page on the site). Link exchanges are no good anymore. You have to find better quality, more relevant links in places where others aren’t also setting up links.
  4. Since this site is a blog, are you also marketing via social media and bookmarking tools? If not, get on it.

Obviously there’s WAY more to it, just trying to help with the few minutes of free time I have right now. Blog directories, article directories, and comments are where EVERYONE (including spammers) are focusing, so that’s why it doesn’t work. The trick is to think natural, like a search engine would. Find old, established, trusted sites within your niche that you can request links from or offer some money for an advertising deal.

One really important thing to mention as a final thought….don’t focus on PageRank, focus on quality traffic. Develop something unique on your site that makes people visit/link to you, and ensure that you’re converting as many of your visitors as possible. While you may eventually see results if you’re patient enough with the article submissions and other common tactics, I think you’d gain much more by changing your strategy.

P.S. The Wikipedia link you added won’t work, and if you visit that page you’ll probably see that it’s already gone. Wikipedia requires that you contribute content before adding links.




  1. tarynrose
    August 25th

    Nice tips there. What I have noticed now a days is that PageRank have nothing to do with rankings. One of my website is targeting very niche keyword having PR4 and it rank nowhere in top 100 results. One other website also PageRank of 4 and ranks well in competetive keywords. So because of this, I have started to ignore PR.

  2. Really, PR really is only good for backlinks. It doesn’t directly effect the rankings in that a PR1 will never be higher than a PR 4. But, in the backlinks world, they will still push more juice, more authority, to your site. Good stuff!

  3. Very nice blog. Good PR with relevant contents give quality link to your site.

  4. montres
    July 30th

    another good solutions its posting in forums

  5. TorreWeb
    August 31st

    PR is only a personal sign of achievement – Joe Public doesn’t have a clue what PR means, the most important thing is to have a site that can be found. I would rather have a PR0 and be number one for my given search term than the other way round!

  6. adam
    October 6th

    Just to say thanks for taking time to give advice

  7. Shilpa Sawhney
    October 13th

    Link Building improves the Search Engine Ranking of your web page if done in specific ways.Besides an improved Search Engine Ranking, there are certain other benefits that your website derives from carrying out a Link Building Campaign.

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  9. Ron Smith
    January 5th

    This is another great article, many people try to get links purely from from directories but there’s much more to link building. We should also keep in mind the relevance of the site from where you are the getting link.

  10. Jason Hendricks
    January 6th

    Agreed, too many webmasters get caught up in the numbers game instead of focusing on relevance. Quality definitely trumps quantity when it comes to link building.

  11. For getting good PR try to freshen up your site content most of the time. The more the quality content the better is the effect. Mind it, Fresh and Quality content is the king to get PR and backlinks are the queen to get PR.

  12. Jasmin Ivanova
    October 1st

    Thanks for this nice post. Very helpful tricks. I will try to use them if i can.

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