Stop Making These Top Local SEO Mistakes


If you have a local business or if you perform SEO services for local businesses, you know how important local SEO has become. Ranking locally in Google, Yahoo and Bing is essential for attracting customers who are seeking everything from pizza to oil changes to dentists. Even if you’re knowledgeable about the basics, however, there are some common mistakes that may be affecting your results. Below are nine of the top local SEO mistakes you need to avoid.   1. Leaving Out Relevant Location-based Keywords Many businesses or the SEO firms they employ only focus on matching the business type with the city, as in “Dallas auto repair.” You should also use keywords for your neighborhood, region or other location-based terms people are likely to use when searching. This is especially true in larger cities with many distinct neighborhoods. For example, if you’re trying to rank a law firm in Brooklyn, New York, you should know that the borough of Brooklyn is located within New York City and is divided […]

Google Reveals Local Ranking Factors & Signals


Local rankings have been an important consideration – at least for local businesses and SEO companies – for several years now. When you want to rank a website for a particular city or region, you need a whole different set of rules than when you’re trying to rank nationally or globally. As it does with just about all its services, Google has periodically changed its algorithms for local rankings. In fact, it’s even changed the name of its local listings. You could previously manage your local listing under Google Places for Business or Google+ Pages Dashboard. Anyone who signed up under one of these services has been automatically moved over to Google My Business. But what exactly do you have to do to rank your business, or your client’s business, for local listings? Google itself has recently published a page, Improve Your Local Ranking on Google, that will hopefully make this clearer.   Mobile Search, Desktop Search and Maps Google first points out that there are several distinct ways that […]

Google Toolbar PageRank Finally Being Retired

Google PageRank Dead

Search Engine Land recently ran an article by Danny Sullivan, RIP Google PageRank Score: A Retrospective on how it ruined the web. In this article, Sullivan essentially rejoices over the fact that Google is going to hide PageRank scores from the public. In other words, you’ll no longer be able to find the PageRank of your own or anyone else’s website by using a toolbar. This is not news to anyone who keeps up with Google’s policies and announcements. PageRank, in fact, has been a declining factor in SEO for quite a few years. As Sullivan reports, “PageRank as a visible score has been dying a slow death since around 2010…” Firefox support for PR toolbar was dropped in 2011. An article back in 2012 by Dave Davies gives reasons Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter. In this article, Davies makes it clear that Google’s internal ranking system does indeed matter; it’s only the publicly visible green bar that we shouldn’t worry about. He argues that PR was never a reliable way […]

Google Fluctuations Caused By Major Core Algorithm Update


Google often starts the new year with an update, so many analysts were expecting a Penguin update at the start of 2016. However, it appears that instead of this, we have something even more significant -a core algorithm update. This was confirmed in a Twitter post by Gary Illyes. This update has already resulted in many ranking changes. While the long term effects of this are yet to be seen, it’s a good idea for website owners to take a close look at their SEO factors and make sure that this is a good year and not one where they get penalized.   What is a Core Algorithm Change? When Google talks about making a change to its core algorithm, what exactly does this mean? This is, by Google’s own admission, a difficult term to define precisely. However, the company has recently made an effort to clarify the implications of this type of update. According to Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Andrey Lipattsev, a core update is one that […]

How To Guide – Google Shopping Campaigns & Feeds


Google Shopping campaigns make it possible to conduct highly targeted and profitable campaigns for just about any product. Although they are managed from the AdWords dashboard, they are far more flexible and sophisticated than traditional AdWords text ads. Shopping campaign ads now often show up at the top of search pages. If you have used Product Listing Ads in the past, you should know that Google has replaced these with a new interface under the name Google Shopping campaigns. The basic concept is the same, but certain features have changed, providing sellers with more options and flexibility. Today’s internet users are very image-oriented, which naturally draws their eyes to the images displayed by Google Shopping listings. It’s often possible to get better conversions from these campaigns than from text ads. There are many factors that go into successful Google Shopping campaigns. Let’s look at some of the most important points to keep in mind when setting up your campaigns.   The Basics of Setting up Google Shopping Campaigns Here are […]

Everything You Need To Know About Google RankBrain


Google RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that Google has started using for processing its search results. This is not Google’s latest algorithm, but a new technology that the search engine company is using to implement its current algorithm. Officially, the formula for ranking search results hasn’t changed. This means that the latest update, known as Hummingbird, is still in effect. Yet if Google is using a new technology, it’s natural to wonder if this might impact rankings in some way.   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning The term artificial intelligence or AI has been around for some time and is often used in science fiction. Strictly speaking, AI refers to computers that are just as intelligent as humans, something that does not exist at this point. However, the term is more loosely used to describe any type of technology where a computer can teach itself to complete certain tasks. Computers can already do this to some extent. An example would be a high functioning chess playing computer, which is […]

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