Using Keyword Phrases for Capturing More Qualified Traffic

Search engine optimization has grown to become a very broad and deep specialty in the field of marketing. Today, it is hard to find a perfect place to start for someone new to SEO since SEO is a moving target, always evolving and always giving even the most experienced marketers fits. Still, I do believe that keywords are the single most important aspect to search engine optimization. Keywords are words people are typing into search engines to find what they are looking for. Keywords can be very mainstream or broad, or more niche and focused. It is the more focused keywords that people who want to be found on the net are dying to know so they can better target their desired users. Ultimately, search engines rely on words to understand relevance. The search engine is where real humans interface with the internet. Everything your potential customers are thinking about in relation to the products and services you sell, or your very brand itself can be known by conducting keyword […]

SEO Website Audit Basics


Getting your site in top shape for ranking well in search results is a lifelong job that begins with a proper audit of your site’s current SEO health. You can have a wonderful social and content marketing strategy, you can even get some great links, but fundamental problems with the way your own website is structured will always handicap you. So you want to make sure you are maximizing your site’s potential to reach an audience and don’t know where to start? Well, this blog post will provide a simple guide to giving you the information you need to whip your website into shape from top to bottom. Almost every single page is an opportunity to seize traffic, and more importantly, you can increase the flow of qualified traffic that is more likely to buy into you and what you have to offer. This can’t be stressed enough; a lot of traffic that quickly leaves your site is probably not helping you much, and can actually be hurting you with […]

Is SEO Doomed?


I have seen this topic mentioned quite a bit in SEO news discussions on blogs and message boards. Many think that the rise of social networking increases the value of real people’s likes and retweets to the point that it trumps the algorithm gamesmanship commonly associated with search engine optimization. Others think that Google’s updates make the search engine too smart to fool when competing with truly relevant and high quality web sites. First of all, let me just say immediately that not only is SEO not dying, it is actually becoming more important because of the reasons mentioned. As long as search engines have rankings, there will be best practices that need to be followed. Arriving at the best practices will not always happen accidentally, and the so called new marketing methods of social and content have always existed, they are now simply becoming more important. Thankfully, ethical SEO techniques are going to be more rewarded going forward. Formatting your website to be more popular with real humans and […]

What to Look for When Evaluating a Content Marketing Strategy


One of the biggest mistakes new content marketers in small companies tend to make is not having a clear idea of what it is they are looking for when evaluating the performance of their content marketing strategy. In a simple way, you may see an increase in sales some time after your content marketing campaign and be happy with that, but since there are usually a multitude of factors impacting conversions, you can never be sure your hard work and resources for content marketing are the reason. Giving yourself some clear tracking metrics to look out for will let you know what is and is not working very quickly, empowering you to abandon things that are hurting you, and more importantly, letting you know about the effective things you should be doubling down on! Being the original source of great content, whether it be informational or entertaining is a powerful way to bring attention to your brand. Blogs, vlogs, and infographics are all more engaging than simple press releases or […]

Managing a Social Media Crisis: What Can We Learn from US Airways?

Every company should have a social media presence. Not only is it an integral part of content marketing and search engine optimization, it is fast becoming an indispensable part of customer service. You can quickly resolve customer issues and end up turning a negative experience with your business into a positive one that actually engenders some brand loyalty going forward. Furthermore, this is all happening in public, so if others see it, they will see your organization’s great values in action. The flip side is that when you fail at using social media as an extension of how you handle customer service, it is also public. As a general rule of thumb, people are more interested in the negative than they are the positive, so one negative experience will get more publicity than a single positive experience. As a company looking to bring your business into the 21st century, you need to be aware of the fact that you need to be actively earning lots of good will so that […]

Using Content to Market your Brand where Traditional Marketing Fails


Traditional media marketing is going through a crisis right now. Millions of people skip commercials thanks to DVRs and online streaming services. Print media readership is dwindling, and so are ad buys. Even online advertising methods are beginning to see diminishing returns. Most people, by now, are prone to simply ignore banner ads. Quite frankly, many of these attempts at marketing are seen as annoying at best, and can even engender hostility in some. The perceptive marketer in today’s media landscape understands that putting all your eggs in the traditional media strategy basket is foolish, and now is time to implement a content marketing strategy.   Before you Get Started…what is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a way to engage the customer with content that is informative, entertaining, relevant to the brand, and consistently published so as to keep a continuing relationship. Unlike a pure search engine optimization tactic, content marketing is communication meant strictly for human consumption. It must be appealing and in some way, relevant to what it […]

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